wishing big and small :: my fall list


journaling with my oldest at mornings in paris cafe, portland, me

* a solid, working, nurturing fall schedule
* host a couple of fab RAW nights
* a smooth transition to school (3rd grade, preschool, and administratively for my hubby)
* for the next phase of to come into focus (change is coming!)
* finally get a professional headshot taken with a fab photog
* shoot my hot pink chair on the beach (even though the neighbors will look at me strangely when i carry it down the street)
* a fun and successful fall wishBIG ecamp (details coming this week!)
* knit something cozy
* lots of yoga
* live into my co-op dreams and connect with more creative peeps face to face
* paint the first floor walls and get rid of the sallow green color i’ve always hated
* design a year quilt (inspired by this podcast), to begin when i turn 40
* rally as much support as possible to help this family weather the bumps, lumps, and struggles
* paint my car pink or maybe turquoise or a shimmery white
* find the financial planner of my dreams
* walk into the local bookstore and see my words in print (in christine’s book, out this nov)
* teach my little guy to sing his little heart out
* a new big farm table for more family and friend gatherings
* cook lots of yummy things in my crock pot
* to take my son to nyc
* get all the girls together for our annual mother/daughter weekend shopping trip to maine
* have more date nights with my husband
* start my book proposal
* watch my 8 year old perform in his very first play
* have some unforgettably wild and unexpected adventures
* find a great spot to place a new family letterbox
* freshen up and create a fall wardrobe i love
* unload a huge amount of clutter…simplify, simplify, simplify
* update a fun new room for a busy toddler
* submit my first piece of writing for publication
* begin my yearly photo book project for my kids

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