the plunge


if someone would have said to me a year ago that i would soon be spending time with a buddhist priest, sitting down to have a glass of wine with her and talk about zen, motherhood and love, i would have most certainly replied, “are you nuts?”.

well saturday afternoon along the perfect path of my life, this is where i was: having a cup of chowder and sipping sauvignon blanc with karen maezen miller. the mother’s plunge, and especially my time spent sitting across a small tavern table from karen, i know is one of those indelible experiences i always will remember. it was one of those times where you feel a tiny but noticeable shift in your molecules… where you feel somehow changed but don’t know exactly how that change will manifest.

karen would say, it’s love. love for my life. love for this moment. love for what we all shared and brought to fruition. love for what is possible. it is as simple and complex as that and i am doing my best not to ruminate on it too much and just let the practice take hold, just like maezen encouraged and taught.

i do want to also say a very special thank you to my husband who from behind the scenes, helped to make this day possible for all of us. he opened the doors of his school and allowed 40 beautiful women to come together in this humble but breathtaking space. the weather was stellar and the view was spectacular.  the stage was set for an unforgettable event thanks to him and a few of his seaport staff.

i’m still surrounded by love and immersed in gratitude for it all.

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  1. Corinne says:

    Thank YOU, and thank you to your husband and his helpers :)
    It was truly an incredible, beautiful day.

  2. Mindy, So glad to have found your blog, and to know you now. Isn’t it a marvel, the way a book, a few words, a commitment, can bring about such wondrous things. We wouldn’t have had Saturday if not for you and your vision, your belief that if you put Karen Maezen Miller in a room by the sea, wonderful women would show up. You believed right! A million thanks. k

  3. Trish says:

    So lovely to have met you in person. You are a kind, true, spirit and a gem to have created this experience. Thank you! Got to spend it with you, Meg and meet Jena and of course, Karen and Katrina. What a delicious concotion I am still taking it in!


  4. Swirly says:

    I love so much that you didn’t try to “encapsulate” it too much….more words would not have given me a better understanding of what you experienced. I totally got it. :)